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Hi! I’ve had a few very sweet anonymous asks wondering where I’ve disappeared off to (as well as a request for some fic recs) and when I have a free moment sans guests, I’ll have that for you. I picked up a few more followers as well, hello! Check the main page of my blog, make sure I’m the blog for you (lol) and no worries if you need to knock me off your list. I do like the naughty pictures on occasion, but mostly it’s pretty things to look at of an inanimate nature, the occasional fic and a pornado on Friday nights. :D


lingeringfears said: Bless you and your pornado. Bless you, you lovely person.

Hahahahaha!! Happy you enjoyed it—thanks for letting me know! 😘

cleverlittlekitra said: Ok so one of the gifests you posted as part of your pornado? I've seen that porn. (Don't judge.). It's on PornHub and features the ever lovely Dale Cooper. So, you know, I'll just leave this info here :)

FRIEND. My darling, considerate, LOVELY friend. TRUST that I know the Dale Cooper/Anthony Romero Cockyboys porno, TRUST THIS. Dale Cooper/Colby are my fave, but Dale/Anthony are PORN STEREK, and therefore required viewing for Sterek shippers into porn. (hahaha) Mmmm, that’s good lookalike. :D

<3 <3 <3 

moviecrush said: Your tags are wonderful and add even more hotness to the already hot gif/photos... either that or make me smile so, yeah. Dolphin noises away.

Hahaha, I always love when someone comments on the tags. :D  *fist bumps you*


That’s all folks! Only lost 6 people this time. I get it, I do. But hey, my blog, my incessant desire to stare at hot humans getting freaky together. Make your feed your happy place.

If you are just scrolling past, there are exactly 25 images of graphic, sexual situations, so a) be 18+, b) be into it or c) block NSFW. Or d) knock me off your feed. It’s all good.




for future reference.

went looking for something else and found this in the depths of my blog. 

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Good morning 💜

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