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YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS. Gimmie ALL the peppers!!!!

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There are a couple of other places in the country where good Mexican food can be found if you’re careful, but this is generally true….(also, growing up outside DC, I thought that Mexican food was terrible. Then I did an MA in Austin …)

"if you’re careful" See, that’s the point. I’m not willing to experiment. Now, a friend who lives there who KNOWS? And they want me to go out to eat with them? Sure! Otherwise, I’m not bothering. I’ve been burned too many times. ;)

Mmmm, Austin. That’s a good eating city. As is San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Pflugerville, Driftwood…

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I’m always so curious though! Like how in some places they put RED SAUCE on chicken-fried steak. Why would a place do that? WHY? I can’t help but order it to marvel at the atrocity.

I have literally sat here with my mouth open. RED SAUCE? Like…tomato sauce? ON A CHICKEN-FRIED STEAK?! *sobs* That is BLASPHEMY. (But I get what you mean about needing to bear witness to the atrocities.)

OMG, Love-n-War’s chicken-fried steak is the best in the WHOLE DAMN WORLD. WOW I WANT THAT IN MY MOUTH NOW.


THESE are nachos. THIS. This is a loaded up, glorious, GRANDE y MUY DELICIOSO plate of NACHOS.

note the tortilla chip base! the refried beans as the supporting layer, topped with cheese, possibly some diced onion in there, and fajita beef. THE CHEESE IS MELTED OVER THOSE ITEMS. You have a “flag” of guac, sour cream and diced tomatoes (which SHOULD be pico de gallo, but you feel me) and jalapenos.


Pulled chicken with salsa added to the underlayer. Cheese (white cheese) is melted on top, a drizzle of sour cream can be viewed, and hateful awful cilantro (it tastes like soap to me, and yes I know that’s a genetic thing) and sprinkled for pretties.

VEGETARIAN: tortilla chips + vegetarian refried beans or black beans + salsa (possibly) + melted cheese = nachos. 

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE BASIC ELEMENTS, THEY ARE NOT NACHOS. Dipping tortilla chips into melted plastic cheese ALSO NOT NACHOS. That’s chips-n-dip. ANd gross. That cheese isn’t cheese. *sad faces*

Holy smokes I am so flippin’ hungry.

When we were in Scotland lots of pubs had “nachos.” I ordered some because a) I missed Texas, b) I wanted to see how badly they fucked them up. I should have just let myself wonder.

If I’m not in: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California, I will NOT order anything labeled “Mexican.” Because it always leads to heartbreak, always. Like how I got a “burrito” in SLC with KETCHUP ON IT. Or how the guacamole had MAYONNAISE in it. *stabs the people responsible for such crimes against humanity*

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just because you’ve melted “cheese” onto something doesn’t mean you get to call it NACHOS.

There is a diner in the city where I went to college that was super popular with the brothers at the frat where we used to hang out a lot. I finally went there with them one night and a friend of mine ordered cheese fries. They brought him a plate of french fries with a slice of American cheese half melted on top.

I wish I was joking.

OKAY LEMME SAY THIS: Fries with cheese melted on top (proper cheese, not plastic-wrapped blech) ESPECIALLY when you’ve added bacon crumbles, jalapenos and sour cream, is freaking delicious.

But it should be pointed out to anyone stumbling across this that those would NOT be nachos, either. They’re “cheesy fries,” a la poutine, but not Canadian’d.

I would eat my WEIGHT in these. JFTR.

just because you’ve melted “cheese” onto something doesn’t mean you get to call it NACHOS.


The Dominican Republic Retreat You Can Have All to Yourself


Lupita and Tinie Tempah

daily tinie tempah PLUS LUPITA.can you even handle itthank god it’s friday.



Lupita and Tinie Tempah

daily tinie tempah PLUS LUPITA.
can you even handle it
thank god it’s friday.

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amnadavictoria said: Hi :) I want to aks for a permisson to translate into polish your little story about Stiles play with himselt in fornt of Derek. I'm looking forward for an answer. Cheers Amanda.

Sure! Drop me a line when you post so I can check it out! Thanks for thinking of me! <3