hey, everyone in the always sunny fandom!! alsweargens and i are seriously going to organize an always sunny big bang!!

we plan on making the word count pretty low to attract more participants, since the always sunny fandom is so small. it would be awesome if a lot of people did something for the big bang, even if they dont usually write or draw. anyway, stay tuned for more updates & info!!


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The name of this movie is Top Secret

Dude, top secret is such a good movie.

this movie has an entire bar fight sequence that takes place underwater

for no reason at all

They LITERALLY pan to a roaring fire, the couple passionately cuts in front, and then the camera—with attitude—pans to a SECOND roaring fire.

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Another panel I was on for IP’s 24-Hour Launch Party. This time as host!

Did you miss the panel today?Have no fear, my laughter over drunken Irishwomen (and who that character is actually based on) is here! GirlieSportsJunkie and DontBeFanci are also here to talk about their upcoming books, fandom, and how to transition from fanfic to pro-writing.
(And I plead a case for ending Fandom Shame towards the end.)

jahootierosenblatt said: Hi Stoney! I just finished listening to your Interlude press panel and it was great! "Write what you want to know" and "representation matters" YES. Do you get nervous before doing any kind of public speaking? It doesn't look like it, but if you do, do you have any tricks for appearing comfortable and being present in the moment instead of in your head? A socially awkward friend of mine wants to know.

Aww, thanks for that! You know, what that panel was felt like me chatting with a couple of friends, so that wasn’t scary for me. I get TERRIFIED before any performance in front of people, even after having done theater for more than half of my life. I approach it like a part - I’m playing the part of a confident, self-assured person. Ultimately it’s me talking in the end, but I have to psych myself up. Once I get rolling, it’s comfortable, but yeah, being shoved out on stage in front of people can be nerve-wracking. Let your friend know they’re not alone. :)

jahootierosenblatt replied to your video “I promised to announce the winners during the Interlude Press Hangout…”

Your hair is so pretty.

OMG, you are very sweet. I LITERALLY ripped a ponytail out of it from the top of my head and started filming. <3

*TAPS MIC* Is this thing on?

NOT YET. But in thirty minutes (11am CST) I’ll be LIVE talking about my book, fandom, fanfic, and answering any questions you may have along with my other fellow authors, DontbeFanci and GirlieSportsJunkie.

There’s nothing there now, but there will be at the top of the hour! (Psst: people who ask questions are being entered into a chance to win more prizes.) 

I combed my hair for this. Don’t let me down. :D

I am so happy!!! Thank you so, so much. I will definitely be getting your book as well when it’s available.

YAY!!  I’ll touch base with you later today to get shipping information. I’m so glad you won! <3

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I just sat here and smiled at you, just so you know. Hi! Why aren’t you sitting across from me at breakfast?

UGH, I have been in TEARS for the past hour, so damn frustrated. I wish I was sitting across from you, too (by which I mean I wish I was in your lap getting a hug. :( BOO.)

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I promised to announce the winners during the Interlude Press Hangout this morning, and while there were technical difficulties preventing me from joining, I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Here are the winners! I’ll be contacting each of you individually to make sure I know where to send you your prize. <3

Well, this is a hot mess. I’m not online in the current Interlude Press chat, so if you were up to chat with me (not likely) sorry. I’ll be sharing the winners of the free books soon.